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CRM (Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques) asbl-vzw - Research Engineer Construction



CRM (Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques) asbl-vzw

Avenue du Bois Saint-Jean 21 - Sart Tilman (P59)
    4031 Liège
04/254 63 50

Description du poste

- You will have the responsibility to manage R&D projects in the field of steel construction and more specifically in the design of technical components for building applications (roofing, flooring and façades).
- Furthermore you will support the company in understanding how steel products perform, particularly in relation to their in-situ performance at the building component and whole building level.
- In addition to working with internal key stakeholders, you will be expecting to also have an external role, working closely with steel sector's manufacturers from across the EU and beyond as well as representing CRM at the appropriate events and colloquiums that are held on this subject.
- Moreover, given the significant changes that are expected in terms of standards for buildings, you will be expected to support our customers to understand the impacts and consequences of this evolution on steel products and systems.
- Whilst the position is focused on building envelope applications, CRM sees this position as key to business development and would expect the Research Engineer to be support to the new product development process.

Key responsibilities include:

- Develop a clear understanding of the current and expected performance of steel building envelope products and components,
- Lead a process to develop more efficient steel envelope applications,
- Lead CRM projects to better understand the challenges of building performance and through this to support the design of solutions to overcome these challenges
- Represent and support CRM’s representation within appropriate external fora, including potentially trade association meetings, standardization work, European projects, etc.
- Examine and if appropriate take part of European projects, such as H2020 or RFCS projects, that would support CRM’s efforts in this area
- Ensure that the key issues and challenges that are being created are fully understood and appropriate actions are taking place to ensure that CRM makes the most of the opportunities that are created.

Profil recherché

Profile :
- Master degree in Engineering Construction-Architect-Materials;
- A minimum of 5 years relevant professional experience and proven ability to be able to communicate academic knowledge to business leaders;
- Fluent French and English;
- The position will be at the CRM offices in Sart-Tilman (Liège) but given the external representation role of the position, up to 20% of time should be spent out of the office and in the different regions. Given the global nature of the position international travel should be expected.
- Team worker, with listening, communication and flexibility skills;
- Are considered as a plus:
• A strong understanding of building envelop assessment and testing with an ability to turn academic understanding into business opportunities;
• Specific experience in industry is not required but experience of working with industrial actors to turn academic work into practical applications would be important;