WHISE NV/SA - Product Engineer

Brussels, Belgique




Personne de contact

WHISE NV/SA , Guy-Joël de Lhoneux

WHISE NV/SA , Guy-Joël de Lhoneux

Description du poste

As a Product Engineer, you will be accountable to transform, using AI, the actual static platform into a predictive tool that delights our customers as it facilitates closing more deals faster in an ethical way.

As such you will work closely with our marketing division to deeply understand the needs of the customers, identify and prioritize cases where data and analytical solutions can have a real impact.

This position is both rigorous, analytical and business-focused.

We expect the candidate to be proactive and have a "get it done" spirit.

To be successful, you will have a drive for customer success, a passion for technologies, an eagerness to learn and a solid command of English.

o Analyze gross data and logs to identify ways to improve our client’s experience.
o Works closely with our marketing team to deeply understand the client’s needs, identify and prioritize cases using data and analytical solutions.
o Creates designs and mock-ups with our design team.
o Organize group discussions with the marketing, Quality insurance, and the developers to fine-tune the designs.
o After careful analysis, prepare the work of the developers from both technical and functional viewpoints according to our internal procedures and the SCRUM methodology
o Manages the planning of the concerned development, works closely with the developers and challenges their analysis and implementation of the new requirements.
o Take responsibility for the quality of the delivered product and follow the launch of the products in the market.

• Hands-on, self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
• Pro-active and autonomous
• Team player
• Adaptability
• Eager to learn
• Master’s degree in engineering or similar (5 years study in a high-ranking university)
• Strong problem-solving skills with knowledge of analytical tools
• Capabilities with database technologies (e.g. SQL, no-SQL, Elastic Search) and common development languages (python, C#, JavaScript, Java)
• Good command of English plus Dutch or French
• Valid work permit for Belgium